• Consumer Directed Services enables you to become an employer who selects and instructs your own Personal Assistant, giving you the power you need to have things done your way. As an Employer, you’ll have full control over:

    • Recruitment

    • Interviews

    • Hiring

    • Training

    • Schedules

    • Terminations

    Consumer Directed Services enables you to become an employer who selects and instructs your own Personal Assistant, giving you the power you need to have things done your way. As an Employer, you’ll have full control over:

Hiring the kind of caregivers that you want to hire

Perhaps there is someone you know that would be an excellent candidate for a caregiver. Perhaps you've not been pleased in the past with the caregivers that were supplying to you from past care providers. The Fiscal Employer Agent option can steer you down a path of personal choice with the individuals who will assist you with many of the things that matter the most to you.

You are the employer... you are the boss

Part of the problem with having a traditional service provider for your cares is that the specific people who are in your world are there not by your choice. With the Fiscal Employer Agent Services option, you have the power to hire and fire whomever you wish. If you hire someone who just isn't "making the grade", you have the capability and choice to replace that person. It's your world...it's your life... and it's your choice regarding the people who are near you.

Care...on your own time & done to your liking.

In America, we enjoy the freedoms of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We truly live in this country on the planet. With the Fiscal Employer Agent option, caregiving is styled around your individual needs and wants.





Self-determination is believing you can control your own destiny.

Self-determination is a combination of attitudes and abilities that lead people to set goals for themselves, and to take the initiative to reach these goals. It is about being in charge, but is not necessarily the same thing as self-sufficiency or independence.

Principles of Self Determination from The Center of Self Determination:

Freedom to decide how one wants to live his/her life

Authority- over a target amount of dollars Support To organize resources and personnel in a way that is life changing and meaningful.

Responsibility – acceptance of a valued community role, though activities such as employment, affiliation, spiritual development and doing for others as well as being accountable for public dollars.



  • Convenient hours: 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday with real-time human contact and with 24-hour access to voice mail boxes
  • Prompt call returns no longer than one business day later, with personalized attention
  • Bi-lingual English and Spanish service plus access to ‘language line’ for other language translation
  • Quarterly budget reports to consumers
  • Annual Consumer Satisfaction Survey to determine how we’re doing and where we can improve


  • In-person visits can be arranged in your home by one of our Enrollment Agents plus your Service Facilitator, if you choose

  • Secure, electronic, web based payroll portal.

  • Service can begin within two(2) days of DADS acceptance letter



  • 24/7 timesheet submission capability

  • Interface with the taxing agency to address any misunderstanding if a tax issue emerges

  • Supplemental, off-cycle payroll runs if an error is detected

  • Electronic timesheet submission and verification with our unique system

  • Accurate local taxes as circumstances require

  • Regulatory compliant support worker background checks


And, beginning of each year, we offer pay cards, rather than paper paychecks, for those that choose them.

We do all of this to relieve you of the burden and toil of doing these withholdings and payments yourself. But, most of all, we do this so that the participant can live independently in the community and at home while making choices for themselves by themselves and avoid more restrictive environments. We want to be on YOUR team.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, toll free, if necessary, on 1-888-269-2066.
Together, we can, and do, make a difference.


Your Responsibilities…and your BENEFITS! While Fiscal Employer Agent provides a high level of control for you, the truth is there is also a higher responsibility level involved when compared to other services.

Fear not, because Segnik Group Inc is here to help alleviate many of these burdens.

Essentially, the Fiscal Employer Agent option makes you the “official employer of record” over your caregivers.  

You must be aware that being an employer carries with it a set of responsibilities that are required by law to be followed.  Segnik Group Incis pleased to tell you that we can help you out greatly with these new responsibilities.

 Put another way, we can partner with you to reduce much of the payroll and paperwork tasks…tasks which can bog you down.  This is good news.

Clerical and Payroll Services.  Choosing Segnik Group Inc as your Fiscal Employer Agent will provide many key clerical and payroll services to make those employer responsibilities more manageable. In order to help you, Segnik Group Inc, as a Fiscal Agent, can do any of the following that meet your budget and your needs:

Getting Set Up.  Becoming an employer involves many different tasks to be completed in order to be in compliance with the government. Working with Segnik Group Inc, we will work hard so you will not have to.

Among the things that we will accomplish include:

Assistance with processing your required government paperwork

Determine unemployment (UI) tax responsibility, process applicable UI paperwork & applications with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

Required Employee Paperwork.  Many government agencies require specific paperwork to be filled out by any and all employees. This is not a daunting task for Segnik Group Inc, which is been in business since 1994. Anything from I-9’s & W-4’s to state of Texas forms, 17XXX we’ve got all bases covered. We also process required government background checks for you!

Paying Your Employees. This fairly involved task does not need to be a source of worry for you. Payroll procedures as well as following state and federal laws can be pretty involved process, unless you have been in business for many years yourself. Segnik Group Inc is fully capable of doing the following for you:

Receive, review, & process your employee’s timesheets.

Issue paychecks with the necessary pay stubs indicating earnings and withholding. We offer direct deposit for the convenience of your employees.

Withhold, file, and deposit the necessary federal and state employment taxes (income, FICA, FUTA, SUTA), and file required federal and state quarterly and annual reports. We assure all aspects of federal and state compliance, so you don’t have to.

Keeping On-Track with your Budget.  Thanks to the use of our robust software, we are able to monitor your budget, monitor your authorized hours, and produce summarized reports to make sense of it all for you.

Ongoing Tasks.  Along your journey with Segnik, various employer-type tasks may need to be completed. Like many of the bullet points above, Segnik Group Inc can take the burden of completing these tasks off your shoulders. The list of tasks that we can accomplish for you can include:

Complete general unemployment paperwork on your behalf.

Respond to wage & employment verifications on your behalf.

Process vendor payments, if needed.

Year-End Tasks.  We prepare and distribute W-2 forms for each of your employees. We take care of all year-end tasks for you and make sure your caregivers have everything they need for their taxes.

Got Questions or Concerns?  You are in good hands with Segnik Group Inc. We offer a toll free number for any questions you or your caregivers may have.


Congratulations on choosing to Self-Direct your services! Here are some benefits of CDS Option:

  • Independence and choice to create your individualized Budget plan

  • Gives you freedom to live a quality life

  • Have authority to hire your own employees

  • Have flexibility in hours and schedules

  • Responsibility to use your budgeted support dollars wisely and efficiently

  • Organize resources in ways that are meaningful and life-enhancing

Segnik group Inc supports you in directing your own cares and hiring your own employees. We provide the clerical, administrative, and payroll services that make your employer responsibilities manageable.

Segnik Group Inc has been providing quality long-term cares and human service solutions to many people in Texas since 2006.



  • Segnik Group Inc provides fiscal services to people who self-direct their own care. We take pride in offering excellent customer service. Our goal is to take the mystery and complexity out of complicated tax forms and managing employees and services. We focus on the paperwork so our customers can focus on their care!

    Segnik Group Inc has the following roles and responsibilities:

    • providing a required face to face initial orientation to individuals when they first choose the CDS option;

    • providing ongoing training, assistance, and support for employer-related responsibilities;

    • verifying qualifications of applicants before services are delivered;

    • monitoring continued eligibility of service providers;

    • approving and monitoring budgets for services delivered through the CDS option;

    • ensuring that all service agreements are fully executed for each of the employer’s service providers before issuing the initial payment for services to the service provider;

    • managing payroll, including calculations of employee withholdings and employer contributions and depositing these funds with appropriate agencies complying with applicable government regulations concerning employee withholdings, garnishments, mandated withholdings, and benefits;

    • preparing and filing required tax forms and reports;

    • paying allowable expenses incurred by the employer;

    • providing status reports concerning the individual’s budget, expenditures, and compliance with CDS option requirements; and

    • responding to the employer or the employer’s designated representative as soon as possible but at least within two working days after receipt of information requiring a response from SEGNIK GROUP INC, unless indicated otherwise in this chapter.


As a leading Fiscal Employer Agent in the state of Texas, Fiscal Employer Agent Services are our specialty. We help hundreds of individuals, guardians and caregivers take charge of the supports they and/or their dependents receive. The following is a list of frequently asked questions that we have compiled from customer service calls:


A Fiscal Employer Agent, also known as a fiscal intermediary, relieves individuals receiving services and their families of the tedium of writing vendor and payroll checks and paying withholdings to state and federal agencies.

A provider agency provides support services. If you use a provider, they supply staff and serve as the employer. Because the staff work for the provider agency, the agency is responsible for all the employer responsibilities: hiring, firing, training, payroll withholding, and filing. This will typically come at a higher cost.
With Segnik, the individual receiving services is the employer. Therefore, you recruit, hire, schedule, and train your own employees. Often this can mean more support for the same dollars and more control for the individual receiving services.

Being an employer is not for everyone. You are encouraged to weigh the pros and cons. There are provider agencies in states that do a good job and should be considered, but if you want to employ your own support staff, be in total control of your support services, do some paperwork, and get more services for your money, Segnik is your choice.

In most states the answer is yes. Within the rules established by your program you have the flexibility to employ all of your supports directly or you can buy just the pieces you want from an agency. You can mix and match support options as your needs change. Segnik will be there to help you regardless of what combination you choose. Segnik is one of the largest and oldest Fiscal Employer Agents in Texas. We help hundreds of individuals and their families take charge of the supports they receive.


Each state/program has its own Client Care Coordinator in our office. Please select your state-specific program or from and scroll down to the program that you are a participant in. The toll free phone number is 1-888-269-2066.
If you would like to email a question, please send it to CDS@segnik.com or fill out the Contact Us form.

Our customer service representatives check voicemail messages and return calls within one business day of receiving them. Our hours of operation are 5:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. If you call before or after regular business hours, your call will be returned within one business day.

Being an employer is not for everyone. You are encouraged to weigh the pros and cons. There are provider agencies in states that do a good job and should be considered, but if you want to employ your own support staff, be in total control of your support services, do some paperwork, and get more services for your money, Segnik is your choice.


Segnik Group Inc is a private, for-profit organization that was formed in Houston, Texas, and incorporated in 1993. It operates as a Financial Management Services Agent . …


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