At Segnik, our mission is to assist individuals and families with special needs to better live and work in the community.

We believe that all people living with disabilities and other barriers to success can reach their highest levels of independence.

For children, teens, adults and older adults with special needs and their families, that simply means we change lives.

Segnik facilitates freedom, choice, and opportunity by leveraging technology to provide innovative fiscal agent solutions.

We approach each of our clients with an attitude of: “How can we make life simpler for the people we serve”.

We take great pride in our ability to listen to our customers and use what we have learned through our diverse experience to shape how we best meet their needs.

Our strength lies in the ability to implement and follow through on real projects that have a positive, long-lasting impact on people’s lives.

  • Our Values

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Listening

  • Ownership of issues, failures, and successes

  • Prompt and courteous resolution to issues

  • A positive and rewarding workplace

  • Building relationships

  • Teamwork




Segnik Group Inc is a private, for-profit organization that was formed in Houston, Texas, and incorporated in 1993.

It operates as a Financial Management Services Agent and Home Healthcare Services.

We promote and enhance the quality of life by empowering individuals’ the freedom to manage their healthcare through a secure, permissions-based, HIPAA- compliant solution.

Segnik Group Inc is a Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent that operates under section 3504 of the IRS Code.

In accordance with IRS Revenue Procedures 80- 4 and 2003-70, Segnik Group Inc apply for and received approval from the IRS to be an employer agent on behalf of individuals for the purposes of withholding, filing and depositing federal employment taxes (e.g., FICA and FUTA) and income tax withholding for workers they hire directly.


Segnik Group Inc provides fiscal services to people who self-direct their own care. We take pride in offering excellent customer service. Our goal is to take the mystery and complexity out of complicated tax forms and managing employees and services. We focus on the paperwork so our customers can focus on their care!

Segnik Group Inc has the following roles and responsibilities:
  • providing a required face-to-face initial orientation to individuals when they first choose the CDS option;
  • providing ongoing training, assistance, and support for employer-related responsibilities;
  • verifying qualifications of applicants before services are delivered;
  • monitoring continued eligibility of service providers;
  • approving and monitoring budgets for services delivered through the CDS option;
  • ensuring that all service agreements are fully executed for each of the employer’s service providers before issuing the initial payment for services to the service provider;
  • managing payroll, including calculations of employee withholdings and employer contributions and depositing these funds with appropriate agencies complying with applicable government regulations concerning employee withholdings, garnishments, mandated withholdings, and benefits;
  • preparing and filing required tax forms and reports;
  • paying allowable expenses incurred by the employer;
  • providing status reports concerning the individual’s budget, expenditures, and compliance with CDS option requirements; and
  • responding to the employer or the employer’s designated representative as soon as possible but at least within two working days after receipt of information requiring a response from SEGNIK GROUP INC, unless indicated otherwise in this chapter.


Segnik Group Inc is a private, for-profit organization that was formed in Houston, Texas, and incorporated in 1993. It operates as a Financial Management Services Agent . …


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